Step 1

I inspect all sound-making components of your piano.

Step 2

I write an estimate of the service I can provide. In the rare instance where complex and comprehensive repairs are needed, I will refer you to facilities I partner with that can help.

Step 3

I explain the services that I recommend and answering any questions.  On average, tuning a piano takes about 90 minutes. The time to perform other services will be estimated in advance so you will know what to expect. Generally, you can expect me to be at your piano two to four hours depending upon the extent of the service I provide..

Step 4

I provide the service that you want done. Any questions you may have are answered.

Step 5

You, my customer, are asked to complete a written service evaluation form provided by me.

Service Recommendations Described

Your piano may also be an important part of your home or office environment, and the way your piano key surface and cabinet look will be important. I have access to a full range of professional-grade touch-up, cleaning, and polishing products to help you enhance and protect how your piano looks. Just ask!!!

Aesthetic Services

You will find below files that describe piano repairs (for your education and curiosity!).  You may be an active customer of mine who received from me a piano condition report with reference to one or more of these files.  Free free to look at any of the descriptions. My fully informed customers are my best customers.

Back Separated Repairing.pdf (493k)

Bridge Repair Epoxy.pdf (322k)

Bridle Straps.pdf (302k)

Capstans Polishing.pdf (156k)

Casters Replacing Upright.pdf (321k)

Church Pianos.pdf (792k)

Cover Padded.pdf (333k)

Damper Replacement Grand Piano.pdf (281k)

Damper Replacement Upright.pdf (253k)

Damper Spring Replacement.pdf (221k)

Dolly Add.pdf (431k)

Felts Abstract Replacement.pdf (761k)

Hammer Butt Springs.pdf (311k)

Hammer Butt Yamaha.pdf (356k)

Hammer Rail Overhaul.pdf (965k)

Hammer Replacement Grand Piano.pdf (669k)

Hammer Replacement Upright.pdf (424k)

Hammer Reshaping.pdf (292k)

jack Flange Loose.pdf (411k)

Keybed Refelting.pdf (311k)

Keypin Replacement.pdf (321k)

Keys Cleaning Under.pdf (494k)

Keys Leveling.pdf (385k)

Keys Rebushing.pdf (333k)

Keys Sharp Worn.pdf (232k)

Keyset Ivory.pdf (254k)

Keytop Replacement.pdf (269k)

Keytops Imitation Ivory Polishing.pdf (231k)

Keytops Polishing Ivory.pdf (430k)

Maintenance Console Piano.pdf (650k)

Maintenance Grand Piano.pdf (268k)

Maintenance Spinet Piano.pdf (326k)

Maintenance Studio Piano.pdf (423k)

Maintenance Upright Piano.pdf (318k)

Motion Lost Eliminating - Spinet Piano.pdf (317k)

Pinblock Replacing Grand Piano.pdf (442k)

Plastic Elbow.pdf (324k)

Rail Brass Repair.pdf (297k)

Regulation Grand Piano.pdf (435k)

Regulation Vertical Piano.pdf (302k)

Repinning and Restringing.pdf (343k)

Ribs Loose Gluing.pdf (244k)

Shanks Splicing Grand Piano.pdf (434k)

Soundboard Cleaning Grand Piano.pdf (1244k)

Strings Replacing Bass.pdf (432k)

Strings Tying Broken.pdf (280k)

Tuning Pin Bushings Replacing.pdf (623k)

Pins Loose.pdf (342k)

Tuning.pdf (668k)