Cost Payment


My fee for a basic tuning is $100. This does not include the cost of a pitch raise if the piano is significantly flat. Any piano can become severely flat when it is moved, exposed to changes in room temperature or humidity, or left not tuned for more than a year. There is an additional charge for each 5%, pitch adjustment. Pianos that are extremely flat may require an additional service appointment for adjustments over time in order to achieve a stable pitch. The cost of any other service and parts will be estimated in advance according to industry, time unit standards and retail market prices.

Inspection Fee

A $50 service fee is charged for inspecting your piano. If you select me to work on your piano, this amount is refunded.


I service pianos throughout Michigan. Expensive fuel and maintenance costs make having a travel surcharge necessary.  A surcharge of 50 cents per mile traveled may be added to the service fee. Below are estimated examples of travel surcharges. Actual surcharges depend upon the actual miles traveled.

Allendale            $20.40                    Hudsonville         $12.40

Battle Creek        $78.70                    Kalamazoo         $48.50 

Caledonia           $13.40                     Lansing               $64.00

Grand Haven       $28.80                    Muskegon           $46.30    

Holland               $30.90                    Saugatuck           $40.40




Full payment is due upon my completing the service. I accept payments by check or cash.