About Me

Tuning by Tony is a piano tuning and repair service owned and operated by me, Tony Rodriguez.  I had my first piano lessons at 10, but I was more curious about how the insides worked. I have always had a fascination for music and the mechanical workings of pianos.  What many thought would be an 11-year-old boy’s short-lived preoccupation with the inside of pianos has blossomed into my own small-business servicing customers across the State of Michigan. 

In 2010, I graduated from the world’s largest piano technology school and I have since received additional advanced training hosted at Montana State University and as an apprentice at the Reeder Piano Restoration Center in Lansing, Michigan.  I am now a registered piano technician and a full member of the National Piano Technicians Guild.

My specialties include tuning and pitch adjustment, and general action and string repairs of all piano styles. I am proficient with regulation adjustments of vertical pianos. (Regulation is the proper adjustment of about 2200 moving parts responsible for striking the strings in just the right way to produce the quality piano sound and experience). I am also trained to service Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver Systems, an automated humidity control system for pianos.

 I expect to actively enrich my skill in piano technology for the rest of my life.


Autism is a neurological reality for many people, including myself.  Autism presents uniquely in each person - for some, it presents as social  quirkiness, narrow interests, or introvertedness; for others, it shows itself in sensory sensitivity or compulsiveness.

Despite its challenges, I have learned to harness my uniqueness in my work:  I demonstrate a high level of perfectionism in the pianos I work with; my passionate interest in pianos has ensured that I stay up-to-date educationally on new models and techniques; and, my introvertedness keeps me focused on task. 

 At times, I do appear socially quirky, and I usually find the best form of initial communication is through email...BUT, as my previous customers have attested to, my uniqueness translates into compassionate care for your prized instrument. 

 I hope this has given you a chance to learn something interesting about me, and to hope to learn more about you too!If you are interested in learning more about me, you can read the following article: